Black Rice Izakaya

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In true Japanese style Friday night is the perfect time to hit up an Izakaya and unwind after a busy work week. Black Rice Izakaya opened up last year right next to BC Place Stadium, Jen, JB and I checked it out tonight.

We started off with some cold sake – I really love the modern blue glass sake serving bottles!

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And the albacore tuna tataki salad. This salad had generous pieces of fish and avocado, along with interesting ingredients like fried capers and lotus root. It was garnished with fresh edible flower petals! The dressing was really good too.

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We then moved on to an assortment of kushiage skewers. The saba (mackerel) and ginko nuts were my favourites! I loved that the plate of skewers came with a side of yuzu kosho (Japanese yuzu citrus chili paste) – it’s one of my favourite condiments and goes so good on chicken and beef.

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Our last meal item was yakiniku beef – we grilled it on a hot stone rock right at the table. You dip the raw beef in the sauce on the left before grilling, and dip it in the sauce on the right after its done – so tasty! Oishii!

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I really enjoyed this meal and recommend this place to anyone looking for an authentic Japanese izakaya experience.

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