Hog Shack

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Have you been to Hog Shack in Steveston? If not, you’re missing out on some of the best Southern BBQ in Metro Vancouver! Hog Shack specializes in Kansas City-style BBQ, pork, beef, chicken. Yum.

A must on their menu (subject to availability) is the beef brisket burnt ends. Sounds strange, tastes great!

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Dean and I split the the Jurassic platter, which is comprised of St. Louis style pork ribs, beef ribs, smoked chicken, pulled pork and your choice of four sides. We picked yam fries, cornbread, baked beans & coleslaw. They say it “feeds two” but we took home more than half this plate!

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Give it a try next time you’re in Steveston and craving BBQ.


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