Dinner at Wild Rice

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I took my friend Alana to one of our favourite New West restaurants for her birthday – Wild Rice!

We started off the dinner with a couple dim sum style appies. The vegetable spring rolls, hand wrapped seasonal vegetables with a ginger mirin dipping sauce, were delicious!

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The siu mai, local pork and sustainable Ocean Wise shrimp in juicy steamed dumpling served with scallion verde, was incredible. Plus, how great is it to be able to order sustainable siu mai? Most shrimp is on the Ocean Wise “not recommended” list which puts it off my radar.

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For our main dish we ordered the spicy chicken kung pow – fresh BC chicken, broccoli, twice cooked peanuts with rice noodles in rich coconut sauce. This is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, and it’s easy to see why, incredibly flavourful. You can substitute with tofu if you’re vegetarian.

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We also ordered a side of the spicy beans sautéed with shallots in sambal soy glaze – yum!

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Did you know South China Seas has a small shop at Wild Rice? Great place to pick up exotic spices in New West!

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