Hugos Tacos & Churros at Hawkers Mercado

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This summer Hawkers Mercado is running a popup shop at the new McArthurGlen outlet mall. They have a foodhall set up with a variety of local chefs cooking up an assortment of different treats.

Amber, Athena and I went to go check it out after work.

We decided on tacos from Hugos Tagos.

Here’s the chicken tinga & beef barbacoa tacos. They were pretty good, but I would have liked a little something more instead of just meat & sauce.

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Here’s the veggie tacos, basically guacamole on a tortilla with cheese – I actually liked these better than the meat ones!

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For dessert, churros and a churro ice cream sandwich from Hugos Churros:

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Pretty tasty.

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