Lunch at Hi Genki

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I displayed an arrangement today in an ikebana show in Burnaby at the hall that’s next to the┬áNational Nikkei Heritage Centre. Karen and Steve drove out to see the show, and we went for lunch at Hi Genki, the cute little restaurant in the Nikkei Centre.

We started off with the gomae, one of my favourite Japanese foods.

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We also shared the assorted tempura, which was various veggies and two prawns. Steve offered me one of the prawns, but before I could decline Karen chimed in with “She won’t eat it, it’s not Ocean Wise!” ha ha ha – she knows me well!! The kabocha (squash) tempura is always my favourite, seconded by the nasu (eggplant).

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Steve ordered the udon noodles, he said it was good!

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Karen had the spicy chicken karaage, which is what I normally order at Hi Genki, it’s so good!!

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Today I tried the chicken katsu donburi, it was excellent! True Japanese comfort food.

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Dean ordered the pork katsu donburi, which I forgot to take a photo of… but it basically looked the same as the chicken. I had a couple bites and it was really good, but I think the chicken is better.

Be sure to check this place out next time you’re in Burnaby!

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