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On a whim two friends and I dropped in on Yo SUSHI in North Burnaby for dinner. This is a new-ish (open a year or so?) Korean run Japanese restaurant which took over the former Bombay Bhel restaurant space next door to Anton’s Pasta Bar.


None of us had tried Yo SUSHI before, and it wasn’t busy so we thought we’d be in and out pretty quickly. We were seated within seconds of entering the restaurant in a comfy booth, and brought complimentary yam chips and tea within minutes.


This restaurant seems to specialize in the big flashy specialty rolls, they had a sandwich board out front with some bizarre offerings (mozzarella cheese on a sushi roll..?) One of the friends I was with won’t eat raw fish, and I of course nixed a lot of the menu items due to unsustainable seafood (unagi, farmed salmon, tiger prawns, tobiko, etc) so we ended up ordering pretty basic stuff. We shared cucumber and avocado rolls, mini gyoza salad, chicken karaage, and veggie tempura.

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None of it was bad, but none of it was amazing either. With so many fantastic sushi restaurants in Vancouver I have pretty high standards, I don’t think I’ll come back to this place.

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