Dim Sum at Sun Sui Wah

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Some of my coworkers and I went for dim sum lunch today at Sun Sui Wah. It was a smaller group of us than normal, but we had a fun time the food was great.

The highlights were the BBQ pork pastries, the stir-fried pea tips with garlic, the honey garlic spareribs and the BBQ pork buns. The pork pastries are one of my favourite dim sum items, perfect combo of sweet and savoury.

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Dim sum is never complete without something sweet at the end, today we went with two desserts, our usual choice of mango pancakes, along with Sun Sui Wah’s new sesame balls. They have changed the filling in the sesame balls to include banana in with the red bean paste, which I really liked. It added a bit more depth to the dish and gave it a richer flavour profile. 

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