Budgies Burritos

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It’s hard to take a good photo of a burrito, they are messy by nature. They are delicious though, so I’m writing about this one. Budgies Burritos is a small restaurant in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver that serves tasty vegetarian Mexican food which you can take out or eat in.

Friends and I went here for take out burritos this evening. I ordered the “Johnny-O” which has rice, beans (I got refried, other option is black beans), cheese, chipotle sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos, salsa and lettuce. The burritos come in two sizes, 10″ for $7, or 12″ for $8. I opted for the larger burrito, but asked them to cut it in half as it’s a gigantic burrito! I had half for dinner and will have half for lunch tomorrow. If you have a huge appetite you won’t be disappointed by this place, the portions are huge.

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