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It had been a while since I’d been to Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen + Sushi Bar, so when two friends and I were figuring out a place for dinner I suggested it. Kishimoto is one of my favourite sushi places. The seafood is always fresh, it’s very authentic, and the presentation is always incredible. The only downfall to this restaurant is that it’s quite small, and it’s very popular, so there’s always a crazy waiting list unless you go right at opening. We went right for opening at 5 p.m. and were seated right away.

First to arrive at the table was the yuzu nasu dengaku (miso glazed eggplant with yuzu juice.) This was an item from their specials sheet, and it’s a variation on their regular nasu dengaku. It was quite good, the citrus flavour from the yuzu really brightened the dish.

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Next up was the agadashi mochi, which was also from the specials sheet. I love mochi and it was delicious prepared agadashi style. The broth was quite flavourful and complimented the sweetness of the mochi quite well. I also really liked the addition of shisito peppers.


One of my favourite items on the menu at Kishimoto is the oshisushi. It’s the pressed box style sushi, but then they put a sauce on it and sear it with a flame for flavour. It’s delicious and comes fully seasoned so you don’t use soy sauce or anything else on it. Pictured here is the wild sockeye salmon oshisushi, asparagus oshisushi & caterpillar roll.

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We ordered three pieces of the uni nigiri sushi, it was amazing – so fresh and sweet. I will only eat uni at very good sushi restaurants, because it’s something that can so easily be bad if it’s not fresh.

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We ordered a few more rolls including the oshinko roll, saba ume shiso roll, and hamachili roll. Isn’t the presentation beautiful? I wasn’t a fan of the hamachili roll, mainly because it was full of cilantro. 

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The saba umi shiso roll was delicious! I love regular ume shiso rolls, this one with the added saba (mackerel) was amazing.

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There were some interesting desserts on the menu, including beet crème brûlée! We were too full for dessert this time though, will have to save that for next time.

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