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Today is a friend of mine’s birthday, so I booked the morning off work and went for dim sum with him and some of our friends. We went to Floata, which is central and easy for some of our friends to get to because it’s located near the skytrain in China Town. I still think the food at Pink Pearl and Sun Sui Wah is better, but this place does have the location going for it.

We usually go on the weekend, and were sad to discover that on weekdays they don’t bring the carts around! We ordered off the menu, which is fine, but we did end up ordering way too much.

We started off with the sparerib and dried veggie congee. The meat was very tender:

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Up next was steamed BBQ pork buns, chive dumplings, taro dumplings a deep fried tofu. the dumplings were good but the pork buns were mediocre and the deep fried tofu was very greasy and not very crispy:

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The crispy pork belly with jellyfish was good though:

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We had the tripe, chow mein, eggplant and BBQ pork pastries. The tripe was good with lots of hot sauce on it.

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For dessert we ordered a sticky rice with red bean, but it was taking to long and we had to get going, so the waitress changed our order to the egg tarts. They were fresh baked and still warm:

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The service was noticeably slow today, I’m guessing because it was a weekday.

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