February Garden

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It may still be early February but already the plants are starting to break dormancy and grow.

Today I added mushroom manure to my raised vegetable garden beds and planted some early crops (peas, radishes and spinach). I cover my raised beds with plastic to protect from the cold and speed up germination.

raised beds

There’s a lot of things growing in other parts of my garden uncovered though. My lamb’s lettuce (aka mâche) is ready to eat. This cold-hardy green is a great option for winter gardening in Vancouver, it grows all through winter without any protection from the cold:

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Rosemary is starting to grow new leaves:

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Kale is another plant that doesn’t require protection from the winter cold:

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My rhubarb is starting to leaf out:

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And the crocuses are in full bloom:

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Even the honey bees are out!

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