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My friend Jean and I stopped by Wild Rice for dinner and tried some of the items off their new menu.

The Albacore Tuna Gomae delicious:

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Our favourite of the evening was the cauliflower duo; pan roasted cauliflower on turmeric scented cauliflower puree, raisins, scallions and beet jelly.

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We also tried the new “vegan butter chicken” which you’d never know was vegan, very rich tasting, although I would have liked it better if it was spicier. I think I still prefer my butter chicken with real chicken, but if you’re a vegetarian you should check this out.

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The new menu is great, but I am sad to see that the shrimp toast is no longer on the menu – it was the only place to get Ocean Wise shrimp toast in the city! It’s still available on their private catering menu, just not on their daily offerings.

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