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Sushi in Squamish? Yes! Sushi Sen has the best sushi in Squamish, and it’s better than the majority of sushi restaurants in Vancouver. I have been known to road-trip it up to Squamish just to eat here. Today though I was just in the area, on my way home from Whistler with some friends. I was excited to introduce my friends to this place.

We started off with some rolls (California, dynamite and my favourite roll the ume shiso), takoyaki, squid tempura and gyoza.

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Then we had the albacore tuna with shiso leaf, which they lightly tempura, but just enough to make it crispy; the tuna remains raw:

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And the black cod saikyo, which was amazing:

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Everyone loved the ume shiso roll so much we had to order more!

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I always order ume shiso roll when I see it on a menu, and Sushi Sen has the best one.

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