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Amber and I stopped by Forage or dinner and drinks tonight.

We started off with their take on the caesar – “The Brutus” – vodka, house made clamato juice, smoked chicharron cracking and fennel salt. So good!! Just look at that perfect chicharron! I’m often sceptical of house made clamato juice, I find a lot of them to be too watery. This drink was perfect though, the right amount of salt, balanced with fresh flavours:

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We shared the foraged mushrooms with 64 degree egg and grilled caraway rye:

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I had the mushroom crusted albacore tuna with squash, chanterelles and herb gnocchi:

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Amber had the Friday Fish special which was sockeye salmon with kale and root vegetables:

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For dessert we shared the lemon verbena Neufch√Ętel cheese puff, ice cream, cordial, macerated plum:

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